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How the Technology Industry Is Helping Refugees

The report suggests crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending as another way to help the new arrivals. While jobs are the best way to earn money, most refugees cannot work legally in their new home until they are offered asylum. Meghan Benton notes that when the asylum offer finally arrives, the refugees are often housed in rural areas, far from the best positions. For now, technology can help reduce costs for job training and education. More importantly, the training can take place on a computer – and sometimes a telephone - anywhere. Some software tools connect highly skilled refugees with employers, such as Workeer in Germany. Other programs offer education at no cost. There is also is a serious effort to offer free coding classes to refugees so they can start careers in computer programming. Two examples are RebootKamp, in Jordan’s Zataari refugee camp, and Refugees on Rails in Germany. Benton admits that more attention must be paid to refugees with lower-level skills. She says they could get help from a website like Amazon Mechanical Turk, which advertises many kinds of small jobs.

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