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If, say, a piece of equipment starts leaking right after a survey, it might go undetected for months. Furthermore, a camera might only be sensitive enough to catch larger leaks, potentially missing smaller ones. IBM scientists and engineers, working with Skip Tracer Professional researchers at Harvard and Princeton universities, have devised a miniature sensor chip—about five by five millimeters in size—that continuously watches for methane. The sensor, housed on a small silicon wafer, contains a laser and a silicon optical cable that channels the laser light through it.* Some of that light shines outside the cable into the air; when methane molecules waft above the sensor, they absorb a specific wavelength of the light, creating a unique signature. “Our method is designed to detect very small changes in light absorption,” explains William Green, manager of the Silicon Integrated Nanophotonics Group at IBM. That information gets fed back to a photodetector on the chip, which converts the signature into an electrical signal. “We map out the absorption and figure out how much methane is there,” Green says. Oil and gas companies would embed a handful of these sensors at various locations around a well pad or compressor station, anywhere from 10 to 100 feet apart. The whole system is wireless, which is critical because oil and gas sites are often remote. When the chips, which continuously monitor the environment, identify a leak, they automatically send that data to IBM’s cloud-based computers. The computers rely on physical models that IBM is currently working on, which combine complex dynamics like wind turbulence, humidity, elevation and temperature to determine the methane’s origin.

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